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Areas of Development for Pre-School Children.

At Gullivers all Pre-school children are monitored under the following five areas of development. 

•Physical Development


•Gross motor skills. (Use of large body muscles).

•Fine motor skills. (Using single limb movements, e.g. hands & fingers).

•Motor control & coordination.

•Intellectual Development


•Verbal skills.

•Non-verbal skills.

•Creative thinking.


•Attention span.


•Thinking ideas & imagination.

•Visual motor skills.

•Visual perceptual skills.

•Language Development.


•Ability to understand and use spoken language.

•Understanding humour & reasoning.

•Understanding facial expressions.

•Facial expressions.

•Gesture and body language.

•Verbal or sign language.

•Emotional Development.


•Understanding our own & others attitudes and motivations.

•Ability to deal with emotions.

•Children have the freedom to express their emotions without judgement.

•Social Development.


Co-operation skills.

•Ability to share & take turns.

•Forming relationships with adults & piers.

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