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Junior Pre-school 2-3 Years


For Junior Pre-School children we offer sessional care (3 or 5 hour sessions) or Full Day Care (maximum 10 hours).  Toilet training not required.


Starting school is often a stressful step in a child’s development. Moving from the relaxed environment found at home to a classroom with a structured school routine frightens most children.


Our program runs Monday to Friday from 9:30am – 12:30pm or 12pm – 5pm. The program is aimed to get children used to a school routine and used to socializing, making the transition from a quiet home to a large classroom easier and less stressful.


Activities found in Junior Pre-School class on a daily basis include circle time, reading time, hygiene and snack time. Children will also participate in dress up, music and dance, imaginary play which takes place in the home corner, construction area and transport area. Each week a different theme will be chosen to do with current events and these will be expressed through arts and crafts. 

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