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Mission Statement


At Gullivers our Mission is to provide safe, professional and engaging care to all our children.


For our Pre-school children we endeavour to provide a safe, secure and fun place, for every child to develop at their own pace. Our objective is that each child when leaving Gullivers is equipped with the confidence and age appropiate skills to commence their educatation in Primary school.


For our School going children, we wish to provide support, help and assistance to enable them to complete their homework. We also commit to provide a pleasant and homely environment for play and relaxation.


For our Holiday care, we are committed to providing interesting and engaging activities, whilst also providing a safe and relaxing environment.


For our staff at Gullivers, we are committed to provide a safe and enjoyable workplace ,whilst also encouraging professional development.


It is our ambition to gain the respect and interest of all the children in our care, and in the process, create fond memories for all.


“We are committed to giving every child the time and attention they deserve, to help in their indivudial development and help each child to reach their potential.”


We endeavour to continue to improve our services and  to enable us to deliver a service of excellence.


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